Paper 53 Review

If you love drawing on your iPad you will certainly love using Paper 53 for sketching out ideas, quick drawings or art.  After using this app by FiftyThree Inc. for almost a year and seeing the improvements made upon this app we can agree it’s one of the top drawing apps out there.

If you aren’t familiar with working in a Photoshop like way with layers and are more familiar with color overlays or mixing, then this is what you’re really looking for.  You will have to make some in-app purchases to get the most out of the app, but the fluidness and reaction to pressure and stroke are extremely accurate especially with watercolors.

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Giving the look and feel of a notebook or journal, now you can have all of your ideas and creations in one place.  There is a extreme form of simplicity without the use of buttons or settings to distract or intimidate you from using the app.  Probably one of the more inviting to the slightly curious iPad users apps we have ever come across.

The ink reacts to your movements stunningly well, and you can get a range of artistic expression from one tool than you could ever imagine.  With a full 2048×1536 canvas you get a full sense of detail for the pencil and watercolor bleeding than you could have ever thought of.

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In-App Purchases

  1. Essentials $6.99
  2. Mixer $1.99
  3. Color $1.99
  4. Sketch $1.99
  5. Write $1.99
  6. Outline $1.99

The app is free to try out, and you can add more with the in-app purchases listed above.  With it all together we’ve given it a 8.3/10 for it’s great fluid and ease of use.  However, it does have it’s limitations for some styles of art, as well as the slightly high price for the most needed of tools.  Overall it’s a perfect layout design and the color mixing tool is even better than anyone could have imagined outside of Photoshop or other apps.

If you are a iPad owner and want to get the most out of your iPad in a artistic fashion, we recommend this app as one of the first to get for your device!  You can download it from iTunes here. [Direct Link]

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