How To Change Carrier Logo on iPhone without Jailbreak

So you hate looking at that long Verizon or Telekom text at the top of your iPhone, but you don’t want to jailbreak your iPhone.  Luckily there is a small program out there to change your carrier icon to a pre-selected icon from the batch they give you, or you can create a custom one using Fireworks to give it a more personal feel with our small tutorial.

7860876Custom logo from downhoard

First you will need to boot up your Mac/PC and download Carrier Editor [Direct Download Mac - Windows Direct Download]


  • Once downloaded, open the program and click Let’s Get Started
  • Grab your iPhone and open Settings > General > About then scroll down to Carrier
  • You will need to type in the version number such as: 13.1
  • Next will pop up a long list of carriers, please select your current carrier otherwise this will create a problem for your iPhone
  • Once selected move onto the logo section next, and you can now drag and drop the logos given with the download or add your custom one with Adobe Fireworks
  • Save to desktop for easy access once loaded into the program, if not then search for it as a Most Recent
  • Plug your iPhone into iTunes and HOLD Alt/Option then click Restore while holding Alt/Option
  • A window will pop up and simply select the two files and then you will have a new carrier icon
  • We recommend you Restart your iPhone

You can even use custom icons, and upload your own if you wish!  We have a set of secondary icons made by downhoard here!

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