How To Improve Siri Pronunciations

Siri is your iPhone’s hands-free helper that has a slew of useful voice commands, but sometimes when getting contacts Siri can mangle the pronunciation of names that aren’t native to your language.  If Siri can’t understand your contact request or just gets annoying pronouncing it, then you can help change this.

How it works is with phonetic spelling, which is the spelling of how words sound using syllables or sounds spelled out.  It may take a try or two, but you can even have fun with this feature as well!

  • Open Contacts then hit Edit to start fixing the phonetic spelling


  • Scroll down to the bottom and hit +Add Field


  • Then select Phonetic First Name / Phonetic Last Name to help the pronunciation of Siri


  • Enter in how the name should sound then hit Done
  • Siri should then pronounce the names correctly as you have shown

The more clear and obvious you can make the pronunciation with syllables or sounds, the better Siri will deliver results.  This will also improve Siri when asked to call or text someone in your Contacts list.  If you’re a user of Google Maps you may want to check out our Siri and Google Maps quick guide.

Please note: this may take a try or two to get this right.

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