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MEGA Sync Client for Mac OS X

Finally a desktop cloud sync client that doesn’t suck.

The long awaited release of MEGA’s Mac OS X sync client is here and yes it is OS X Yosemite ready.  The battery impact is low, and the upload speed is just as incredible as using it through Safari/Chrome so there’s no worry of sacrificing anything you need.

With MEGA sync creating it’s own directory folder in the sidebar of your Finder you can simple drag and drop folders and files into the MEGAsync folder for automatic uploading.  You can even add multiple MEGAsync folders to separate your content for easy organization.

Screen Shot 2014-07-06 at 2.12.48 PM

You can even manually manage your Bandwidth to limits incase you need to.  Connect to Proxy servers and even manage your account right from the preferences menu.

When you sign up for MEGA you get 50GB free to sign up with, which is a shitload more space considering Apple charges for anything more than 5GB.  Plus with MEGA’s encryption uploads and file saving you can keep the NSA’s dirty little fingers from poking around your MEGA files.

NSA by downhoard

Download the MEGA sync client today for free and follow @downhoard on Twitter!


Apple’s Micro Social Network iMessage

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Apple’s Small iCloud Disappointment from WWDC 2014

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Possible iWatch Gallery

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