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iPhone 6 Comparison Gallery and iWatch Insight

Apple’s iWatch is expected to be unveiled this Tuesday alongside the long awaited iPhone 6, and the iWatch seems to be a top-secret new product as there have been close to no hardware leaks whatsoever.

There are clues and obvious traits the iWatch will have in aspects of design.  However, much word is circulating about the battery life of the iWatch being incredibly bad.  Something Samsung actually tried to mock with the iPhone, by utilizing a black and white display feature to save battery on a Galaxy S5.  (Who wants to see videos in monochrome?  Nobody that’s who.)

A new video circulated out of China with a possible clone or working model of the iPhone 6 being shown off in a video review.  It shows off the vastly improved camera, as well as the overall feel of the device compared to the iPhone 5S.  With the detail shown, you can expect the iWatch to mimic the design of the bevels and soft curves to make an awesome smart watch.

Gallery of iPhone 6 Design:

Video source:

iPhone 6 Improvements:

  • Bigger display
  • Vastly improved camera
  • Saphire glass
  • More ram and faster processor
  • Smooth design
  • Crisp feeling buttons and interaction
  • Bigger Battery
  • NFC

What to expect with iWatch’s design after iPhone 6 Leak:

  • Same sides/curved bezels as iPhone 6/iPad
  • Fair battery life, full on iOS capability
  • 3rd party apps to flood App Store for iWatch

Hopes for iWatch:

Slap bracelet/interchangeable wrist bands and affordable price point (under $300).

What do you think of the iWatch and iPhone leaks?  Leave a comment!



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